Move In Day

We moved into our new studio house today!! It's in the Old Louisville neighborhood, a neighborhood full of really interesting architecture from the late 19th Century. Also it's supposed to be haunted! At least according to all of the ghost tours we've seen advertised. Haven't seen anything too creepy yet, but we'll keep you updated!! We did see this one thing hovering outside of our window yesterday morning, but we're sure that was an alien and not a ghost! What a relief!

Our house is a former Baptist Church. We've been sleeping in the Sunday School rooms and jamming in the chapel! It's an exciting experience, lots of great acoustics and cool vibes. The ambiance is really working it's way into the new songs and they're fleshing out nicely!

We brought one cat and two dogs with us. The dogs had never met the cat before. After a little bit of hissing and nipping, they're getting along nicely. We watched Homeward Bound on our Laptop and I think it inspired the creatures. They've been doing an awful lot of exploring together.

Speaking of Exploring, we're going to be heading out on a tour early this Spring!!! We're super excited to share our new stage show with you! Check out our Show section to see if we're coming through your town. If you don't see your city listed, get in touch and we'll come pay you a visit!

Until next time we'll just be jamming good vibes and taking our pets on alien/ghost hunts!


See ya Later!

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